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A/C Installation & Repair

Expert A/C installation, system repair and maintenance in Sullivan County

If you live in Sullivan, eastern Ulster or northern Orange county and need to keep your cool, you can count on the Bear to be there.

Just as you do with our comprehensive heating services, you can rely on Black Bear to deliver fair prices on air conditioning equipment and related services. For starters, we install a full range of air conditioning systems for our customers, from traditional central air systems to innovative mini-split ductless systems.

While we always recommend air conditioning systems made by top manufacturers, we are experts at install and repair. Among the brands we install are Daikin, York, Mitsubishi and LG. Our experts have experience with most makes and models.

Save on air conditioning costs

A new high-efficiency air conditioning system could cut your annual cooling costs in half—and eliminate the expense and frustration of breakdowns—while keeping your home more comfortable no matter how high temperatures soar.

We can perform a complete comfort analysis of your home, talk with you about your needs—and your budget—and help you choose the right size and type of system. Then we’ll install it properly to ensure that your new system keeps your home more comfortable and costs less to operate than your old one.

Annual air conditioning maintenance saves you money and helps prevent repairs

AC Tune-up

Why worry about a possible A/C breakdown during a blazing hot summer? Losing your air conditioning for a long period of time can cause you a lot of stress—not to mention endangering the health of pets, young children and elderly relatives.

Don’t let yourself get trapped in this situation. According to studies, four out of five home equipment failures could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

That’s why we always recommend an annual air conditioning tune-up from one of our certified and experienced service technicians. They will test, assess, clean and lubricate all parts of your air conditioning system, ensuring that your cooling equipment will operate properly and safely.

A maintenance visit also provides fair warning when some parts may be aging beyond repair and should be replaced soon. Our technicians are trained to maintain and fix most all major brands, including those we do not sell ourselves.

Please contact us today to request a convenient service appointment, whether it’s for maintenance or if you would like a free estimate on a new central air or mini-split ductless system And, of course, if you need a repair, count on the Bear to be there to help.