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Payment Options

Make your bills lower, more predictable and easy to manage with EZ Pay from Black Bear

Heating costs can really add up during a long, cold winter – in fact, about 80 percent of your yearly fuel costs can come in the space of just a few short months.

How the monthly plan works for you in Harris, NY

But you can avoid winter fuel bill sticker shock with EZ Pay from Black Bear.

With EZ Pay, we estimate your total fuel bill for the year based on how much fuel you’ve typically used in the past, then divide the total into 12 equal monthly payments.

No matter how much fuel you use – even if it’s two deliveries a month – you’ll still get the same low monthly bill.

EZ Pay also includes a price cap, which means your fuel price won’t go above a certain price no matter what happens in the oil markets. (Our suppliers charge us for this service, which we pass on to you. We make no profit on the fee.)

If the price dips below the cap, you’ll pay the lower price.

If EZ Pay sounds good to you, contact us today and we’ll help you set up automatic payments using a checking account or credit card.

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