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Cooling Equipment

AC Maintenance in Harris, NY

cooling equipment

There are few things as nice in the summer as coming in from the heat of the day to kick your feet up inside a cool, comfortable home. But if your AC unit is broken or not performing as well as it should be, you may find no relief from the heat indoors. Black Bear’s certified technicians have years of experience providing AC maintenance for a wide selection of brands.

Our Preventative Maintenance Process

Preventing problems before they start is one of the best ways to ensure that your AC system stays in top working order. Our technicians can perform preventative maintenance to diagnose and correct any problems they come across. That includes checking refrigerant levels to ensure there are no leaks, cleaning and tightening ducts and connectors, and oiling up the motor within the AC unit.

We install central AC systems and mini-split cooling systems

Just as you rely on Black Bear’s comprehensive heating services, you can count on us to deliver fair prices on air conditioning equipment and related services. Besides handling maintenance and repairs, we also install a full range of air conditioning systems for our customers, from traditional central air systems to innovative mini-split ductless systems.

While we always recommend systems made by top manufacturers, we are experts at installing and repairing all types of air conditioning equipment. Among the brands we install are Daikin, York, Mitsubishi and LG. Our experts have experience with most models.

If your AC system isn’t working the way it should or you’re ready to upgrade to a new one, don’t sweat it! The professionals at Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and AC are on hand to provide you with expert AC maintenance and repair service.

If you’d like to upgrade to a new model with high-efficiency equipment, we can help with that, too. Contact Black Bear today at 845-791-8900, or complete our online form.