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Commercial Fueling

Fleet fueling services in Sullivan County and parts of Ulster and Orange Counties

For many businesses in our service area, keeping trucks and vans on the road is vital. Some of these businesses include:

Photo of a truck receiving fleet fueling on the road from Black Bear Fuel Oil in Harris, NY

  • regional courier and delivery services
  • food service and beverage distributors
  • lumberyards
  • florists
  • moving companies
  • transport services for senior citizens and people with disabilities
  • paving companies
  • furniture stores
  • construction companies
  • landscapers
  • armored truck companies

If one of these sounds like your business, why not look into on-site fleet fueling services from Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning?

Why fleet fueling?

Time is money! If your drivers have to manage the fueling of their trucks, you’re paying them for the time to go to the fuel station, fill up their tanks, return to the job site, and accurately log their receipts and mileage. That’s a lot of time when they aren’t making deliveries or doing other work that increases your business’s profitability.

Your office staff also has to spend time reading mileage submissions that are often handwritten, recalculating them to make sure there are no errors, and submitting them for each driver. That takes time away from work that serves customers or keeps your business running more efficiently.

Your business saves in other ways as well

school bus

On-site fuel tanks may seem like a time-saving option, but you assume the environmental liability. Also, if there are any spills when fueling, time and money have to be spent on cleanup and reports must be filled out, once again taking time away from the important work that keeps your business moving forward.

With fleet fueling from Black Bear, you can more accurately and comprehensively see your company’s fuel costs and usage.

The costs of having to stop work to fuel construction machinery can also add up. Direct fueling for machinery keeps your projects going.

Black Bear works for your business

Black Bear offers lots of benefits with its mobile fuel delivery service. We start with quality, competitive pricing and reliable delivery.

We will keep your vehicles fueled and ready throughout our service area, anytime, in any weather, with our convenient and reliable fleet fueling. Our on-time fueling service means your drivers aren’t left waiting for their trucks or vans to be fueled up. Tank monitoring and maintenance costs are eliminated.

And, with detailed fuel management reports from Black Bear, you gain insight into your fuel usage and fuel costs that can help you manage your business more efficiently.

Put the dependable convenience of Black Bear’s expert fuel management to use in your business. Call us at 845-791-8900 or connect with us here to find out how you can save time—and, of course, money.