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How Do I Choose a Heating Oil Supplier?

When it comes to choosing a heating oil supplier, many people start and end their search with finding the lowest price provider. We get it – owning and running a home in Sullivan County these days isn’t cheap. But like anything in life, you get what you pay for – and if a deal for […]

How Can I Save Money on Home Heating Bills This Season?

Cooler weather is coming to Sullivan County – and so are fall and winter heating bills. Want to keep those bills as low as possible? Here are seven energy efficiency tips to help you do it: Keep vents clear – Airflow is a key to keeping your forced air heating system running as efficiently as possible […]

What Happens When My Oil Tank Is Empty?

There are a handful of no-brainer tasks for maintaining your oil-fired heating equipment. The first, of course, is to get professional annual maintenance every year – it will save you money on heating bills, prevent wear and tear on your equipment, and even keep heating repairs at bay. The second, if you own a furnace […]

Do I Need Heating Repairs?

We haven’t had that first real cold snap yet in Sullivan County – just the normal share of cool evenings. But it’s coming – and when it does, we know to expect a flurry of phone calls from people requesting HVAC repairs and service. The problem is there are only so many qualified and expert HVAC […]

What Is Automatic Delivery for Heating Oil?

Let’s face it: if you own a home, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate – especially around this time of year, when school, work, and eventually the holidays can be so demanding of your time and attention. When things get this busy, the last thing you want to think about is managing your […]

How Can I Make My Heating Season Easier?

With temperatures already dipping into the 40s at night, fall has gotten off to an early start here in Sullivan County – and soon, your first heating bills will arrive to kick off the unofficial start of heating season 2019/20. But having heating bills on the horizon doesn’t have to mean stressing out for the […]

Why Get a Furnace or Boiler Tune-Up?

Evenings are starting to cool down here in Sullivan, Eastern Ulster and Northern Orange counties, and before you know it you’ll be turning to your heating system for a little warmth and comfort. But before you do that, a good idea to get it serviced by a professional. What do they do during a heating […]

Should I Repair or Replace My Central Air Conditioner?

Repair vs. replace…it’s a choice that you will one day have to make about your central air conditioning system (unless you sell you house before you have to make that decision, if you’re lucky enough to be able to do that). Sometimes the choice is easy – especially if your cooling system is older or […]

Why Choose an EZ Pay Budget Plan from Black Bear?

If you’re a Black Bear heating oil customer (or ready to become one), there’s a great way to simplify your life and bring you greater peace of mind in the heating season ahead: sign up for our EZ Pay budget plan. Without EZ Pay, you may be in for some surprises next heating season. Now […]

How Does Outside Temperature Affect My Air Conditioner?

We may have passed the halfway point of cooling season 2019 here in Sullivan County, Northern Orange County and Eastern Ulster, but we still have a few weeks of potentially intense heat yet to contend with. Hopefully, your air conditioner has held up its end of the bargain so far this year – we have […]