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Regular Heating Maintenance Benefits

heating repair new yorkBelieve it or not, spring 2021 is underway – which means that it won’t be long before you feel the satisfying *snap* of your thermostat selector as you switch from heat to cool mode.

But before you jump too far ahead on the warm weather, it’s a good idea to check off one task from the household to-do list: schedule annual heating service for your furnace or boiler.

Annual HVAC Care To Make It Last

There are many reasons to give your home heating system a little care and attention every year – and all of them lead back to your wallet. Consider these benefits of getting regular maintenance for your home HVAC system:

  1. Better efficiency – Dirt, grime, and general wear and tear will cause your heating equipment to overwork and use more heating oil or propane. On average, you’ll lose about five percent efficiency each year if you skip professional maintenance.
  2. Lower energy bills – Of course, higher efficiency means lower energy bills. In fact, an annual investment in a heating tune-up will often pay for itself in energy savings alone. As a side bonus, you’ll also prevent costly long-term HVAC repairs (see below) and get better heating performance throughout your home.
  3. Fewer repairs – Preventing problems before they happen is perhaps the greatest benefit of routine maintenance. By catching small problems before they snowball into costly HVAC repairs, you could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repairs and premature heating replacement costs.
  4. Improved air quality – Many of the adjustments a technician makes to your system during a preventive maintenance visit will result in better airflow; this can have a dramatic your indoor air quality.
  5. Continued warranty coverage – Many manufacturers’ warranties require routine professional maintenance; if you don’t get expert heating maintenance, you could find that your latest repairs won’t be covered, even though you’re still in your warranty period.

Black Bear Service Agreements: A High-Value Maintenance Solution

Want to know the best way to take care of annual maintenance for your HVAC equipment? Sign up for a Black Bear Service Agreement, which includes an annual tune-up, repair discounts, priority service, and more. Choose from our affordable Big Paw and Little Paw plans and you’ll get high-value, high-quality service from the best heating technicians in Sullivan County, NY!

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