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Installing A Propane Water Heater Is A Smart Choice!

water heater installation new yorkHeating water accounts for almost 20 percent of the energy bill in a typical American home, which means the kind of water heater you choose can have a big impact on your household’s monthly bottom line – not to mention your home’s resale value and carbon footprint. For these reasons and more, we recommend installing a propane water heater rather than an electric one.

Why Is Propane Better For Heating Water?

Compared to an electric water heater, a propane-fired water heater is:

  • A better value– When you consider the total cost of owning a propane water heater – including installation fees, the longer lifespan of the equipment, and the amount of water you can heat per energy dollar spent – propane-powered equipment ends up being about 30 percent cheaper than its electric equivalent over the course of their lifetimes.
  • A better performer – A propane water heater heats water almost twice as fast as an electric heater, which means faster recovery times (or NO recovery time at all, if you choose a tankless water heater). Propane water heaters are also extremely durable, lasting up to a decade longer than electric heat pump models.
  • Safer – Equipment powered by propane enjoys one of the best records among home energy sources, thanks in large part to the strict regulations placed on the fuel’s handling and use.
  • More eco-friendly – Propane is cleaner-burning than coal and delivers energy directly to your home rather than transmitting it to your home via an inefficient distribution system, reducing harmful carbon emissions in two important ways.

The bottom line: compared with electric models, propane water heaters are more economical, last longer, and reduce impact on the planet. If you make a further investment in a propane tankless water heating system, you’ll also save space, get unlimited hot water, and gain more accurate temperature control and longer equipment life.

When you add it all up, propane and water heating are a perfect match. To learn more about propane water heater installation in Sullivan County, NY, contact the pros at Black Bear today!