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Buying a Home That Uses Heating Oil

Heating Oil Has Its Advantages

homes with oilheat new yorkAre you looking to purchase a home in Sullivan County? You’ve probably already identified some of the things you’re looking for. You know how many bedrooms you need, how big the kitchen needs to be, if you want a one- or two-car garage, etc. Have you thought about whether or not to purchase a home that uses heating oil? There are some reasons to give that some serious thought. Here are five reasons you should buy a home that uses heating oil.

  1. Safety: Home heating oil doesn’t ignite in its liquid state. It has to be vaporized to burn. You can safely store heating oil in your home, and it represents a very low risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Plus, modern oil storage tanks are practically leakproof.
  2. Efficiency: Modern oil-fired heating systems can be up to 95% efficient—that’s up to 20% more efficient than gas and 30% more efficient than electricity. Purchasing a home that uses heating oil means you’ll get more out of each dollar you spend heating it.
  3. Speed: Of all the heating fuels, heating oil can warm your home the fastest, generating approximately 125,000 BTUs per gallon.
  4. The Environment: The last few decades have brought about significant improvements in heating oil. Modern-day heating oil systems burn almost 93% cleaner than their predecessors from forty years ago. Modern furnaces and boilers also use about 700 gallons less per year than their predecessors. With the premium clean-burning heating oil you receive from Black Bear, your heating system will run more cleanly and with very low levels of emissions.
  5. Longevity: With proper maintenance, your oil-fired boiler or furnace can serve your home for 30 years or more. Black Bear’s quality fuel oil can also help extend the life of your home heating system.

Make Black Bear Your Heating Oil Provider

Once you’ve found the right home, choose the right heating oil provider. Black Bear provides our customers with competitive heating oil prices, reliable delivery, 24-hour emergency heating service, and convenient payment options.

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Black Bear has the experience and resources to keep you comfortable and warm all winter. If you want reliable heating oil delivery, become a customer today.