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What Size Oil Tank Is Right for My Home?

Here’s what to consider

oil tanks new yorkYour car lets you know when you’re low on gas because running out can damage your engine and could leave you stranded on the side of the road. Comparatively, you never want the heating oil tank in your Sullivan County home to get down to empty. First, there’s the inconvenience of going without heat and hot water until your next delivery. But your family’s discomfort isn’t the worst of it. An empty heating oil tank can negatively affect the efficiency of your heating system or cause it to fail altogether.

Always order more heating oil before your tank’s levels get too low. A good rule of thumb is to request a delivery when your tank is about ¼ full.

Tips for selecting the right size oil tank

But what if you’re in the market for an oil tank instead of just oil? What size oil tank is right for your New York home?

Here are some things to consider when determining what size heating oil tank is right for your home and if you need a new one:

  • The average life expectancy of a heating oil tank is 30 years. If yours has surpassed that age, it’s time to start shopping around for a new one.
  • Your oil tank’s storage capacity is written on its nameplate. Most homes with an above-ground tank have one with a capacity of 275 gallons. Some larger homes require a 330-gallon or 500-gallon tank. Underground tanks can hold upwards of 1,000 gallons.
  • Keep in mind that your tank’s capacity is really for a brand-new tank. With time, debris accumulates and your tank’s functional capacity decreases.
  • If you have a one- or two-bedroom home that’s 2,500 square feet or smaller, a 275-gallon tank should suffice. If your home has three or four bedrooms, you might need a 330-gallon or 500-gallon tank.
  • If you’re purchasing a tank that will be located inside your home, make sure there’s sufficient space available for the tank size you plan to get. Get accurate measurements of your home’s available space and have those numbers handy when making your selection.
  • You should also ask yourself if the size of your household may change in the foreseeable future. If your family could grow soon, you may want to choose a larger tank than you need right now in preparation for your family’s future needs.
  • Finally, take an honest look at your family’s preferences and habits. Do you tend to keep your home’s temperature cooler or warmer? Are you frugal or eco-conscious? Do you spend long spans of time away from home or regularly host guests? These are all factors that can affect which tank size is best for you.

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