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What Is Fuel Oil?

Is It a Good Choice for Your Home?

fuel oil new york When it comes to the fuels you can use in your New York home, you have choices. Some of the most popular are heating oil, kerosene, and propane. Black Bear reliably delivers both heating oil and kerosene to our customers in New York’s Sullivan, Orange, and Ulster Counties. Another fuel many consumers are less aware of is fuel oil. Keep reading to find out what it is and how it compares to some alternatives.

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is most like kerosene. It has a lower energy density than heating oil. It’s also not as stable as heating oil. However, fuel oil burns more cleanly than heating oil. Another advantage to using fuel oil is that fuel tanks using fuel oil don’t require as much maintenance as those using heating oil. It’s also a good choice for homes with outdoor tanks because fuel oil won’t gel in cold temperatures.


Kerosene is a multipurpose fuel that is often used for lighting and cooking as well as heating. Because it has a higher gel point than traditional heating oil, it’s recommended for customers with outdoor tanks.

Is kerosene right for your home? Here are some of the benefits of using kerosene in your home:

  • Kerosene can be stored in high-quality heating fuel tanks just like standard home heating oil.
  • Kerosene is an adaptable home energy source. In addition to heating your home, it can also be used to fuel stoves and lanterns.
  • Kerosene is the best fuel for outside oil tanks. It won’t gel in the cold winter months that we experience in New York.

Black Bear sells quality kerosene at a competitive price. And we provide reliable kerosene delivery.

Heating Oil

Heating oil is heavier than fuel oil and most akin to diesel fuel. It produces a bit more heat than fuel oil does, but it’s not a significant difference. Because it’s more stable than fuel oil, it’s a better option for homes with indoor fuel tanks. And because it can gel in cold temperatures, it’s not the ideal option for homes with exterior tanks.

Is heating oil right for your home? Here are some of the benefits of using heating oil in your home:

  • Heating oil is safe. It’s so stable that it only becomes combustible once it’s been vaporized by an oil burner at temperatures above 140° Fahrenheit.
  • Heating oil is highly efficient. Heating oil burns up to 20% more efficiently than gas. It’s also 30% more efficient than electricity.
  • When you get your heating oil from Black Bear, you get premium heating oil that allows your heating system to run more cleanly. That reduces the wear and tear on your heating system, which means it will need fewer repairs and last longer.

With Black Bear as your heating oil provider, you get prompt and reliable deliveries. We also offer our customers the convenience of automatic heating oil delivery.

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