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What Is Diesel Fuel?

fleet fueling new yorkDiesel fuel plays an important role in a wide variety of industrial and commercial contexts. Diesel engines are found in many freight and delivery trucks, buses, boats, farm equipment, construction equipment, and military vehicles. Some cars and light trucks also run on diesel fuel.

Diesel engines are also found in some generators that can be used for anything from generating electricity for a remote village or ensuring that hospitals, schools, large buildings, and a variety of other facilities have a backup and emergency power supply when there’s an electrical outage.

From medical equipment to refrigeration units to HVAC systems, generators play an important role in not just providing comfort, but protecting lives, valuable information, and perishables when the power grid fails.

Diesel-powered vehicles also keep important vehicles on the road—such as military, law enforcement, school buses, farm, and delivery vehicles.

An Intro to Diesel Fuel

Clearly, diesel fuel plays an important role in a lot of contexts. But what is it exactly? Diesel fuel is made from refined crude oil and biomass materials. Its name comes from the type of engine it’s used in. Diesel fuel is the distillate fuel oil made for compression ignition engines which were originally invented by a man named Rudolf Diesel.

On/Off-Road Diesel

If you have a business in or near Sullivan County, make Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning your diesel fuel supplier. We’ve got you covered whether you need on-road diesel, off-road diesel, or both.

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Black Bear delivers quality diesel fuel. We offer ultra-low-sulfur on-road diesel for tanks, vehicles, and equipment. We also offer off-road diesel for construction and farm equipment, generators, and other machines.

Save Time & Money with Diesel from Black Bear

We know your time and money are valuable. So we don’t waste them. You work hard, and we work hard for you. You need a diesel fuel supplier that won’t let you down. As your diesel supplier, Black Bear will work with you to deliver the best product. And we’ll do it as efficiently as possible for the best price possible. Our goal is to save you time and money. Lots of businesses in Sullivan County and parts of Ulster and Orange County already depend on Black Bear for their diesel needs. Yours can too.

With Black Bear, you get diesel fuel in a time-efficient manner. Because we deliver the fuel to you, you don’t waste time getting your vehicles and equipment to a filling site. And you don’t have to pay your employees to spend hours refueling. Plus, we’ll work with you to determine the best fueling schedule for your enterprise. So you’ll get a delivery program designed with efficiency and convenience in mind.

You also save money with Black Bear because our diesel fuel is fairly priced.

Call the Bear, We’ll Be There!

You can trust Black Bear Fuel Oil to deliver for you in northern Orange County, Sullivan County, and eastern Ulster County. And you can count on our team to provide professional service with a personal touch.

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