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What Is Automatic Delivery For Heating Oil?

Let’s face it: if you own a home, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate – especially around this time of year, when school, work, and eventually the holidays can be so demanding of your time and attention.

When things get this busy, the last thing you want to think about is managing your heating oil deliveries. Unfortunately, you will have to if you want to avoid a no-heat emergency, or other consequences of a fuel run-out.

Unless you choose automatic heating oil delivery from Black Bear, that is.

Not sure if automatic delivery is right for you? Here are three common questions we get about this convenient and FREE service. If you have more, just ask.

Black Bear automatic heating oil delivery Q&A

  1. How does automatic delivery work?
    Our teams estimate the timing of your heating oil delivery based on your past usage and a “degree day” formula, which estimates how much heating fuel a home your size would use given current weather conditions*. When your heating oil tank reaches about one-quarter full, we will schedule a delivery; you won’t need to call or even look at your fuel gauge.
  2. What’s the difference between automatic delivery and Will Call?
    With Will Call delivery, you are responsible for tracking your fuel levels and scheduling your heating oil delivery. You may also have to wait for a refueling in periods of high demand. With automatic delivery, you don’t have to manage your fuel or wait for a delivery; it will be scheduled based on your need.
  3. Why is there no additional charge for this service?
    Automatic delivery is offered at no additional cost because it benefits us, too. If we know when you need heating oil, we can schedule our delivery routes more efficiently – which means we can serve more customers and avoid having to divert crews to deal with emergency run-outs.

Let Black Bear take the hassle out of managing your home heating oil supply with automatic delivery! Contact us today to learn more, or to make the switch from Will Call!

*One degree day is allotted for each degree below 65 that the average temperature reaches in your location on a given day. For example, if the average temperature is 35 degrees, 30 degree days are added to fuel your estimate).