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When your fuel gauges hit empty, your fleet isn’t able to operate efficiently. Your busy drivers and technicians shouldn’t have to detour in search of stations to fill their tanks. With commercial fuel management from Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and AC, the members of your team can focus on satisfying your customers. Here are just a few of the advantages of our services.

1. Fair Prices for Quality Fuel

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When your crews rely on service stations, they aren’t driving around, shopping for the best deals at reputable stations. Fuel quality and cost fluctuates, making it harder for management to anticipate costs. Our delivery service takes the uncertainty out of your budgeting process. We also offer on/off-road diesel.

2. On-Time Daily Fueling Service

Our delivery personnel ensure that your fleet gets fuel, regardless of the weather and other factors. Anywhere in our service area, which stretches across Sullivan County, we can protect your fleet from the crippling delays caused by fuel availability issues with fleet cards.

3. Detailed Fuel Management Reports

Accountability is critical for effective fleet management, and fuel consumption provides a valuable data point. With our detailed fuel management reports, you’ll be able to track consumption. When your crews idle vehicles for long periods and make frequent detours, it’s important to evaluate how those behaviors affect fuel consumption. When combined with mileage and maintenance logs, fuel records help to track vehicle condition and use.

4. No Tank Monitoring Costs

If you’re maintaining your fueling tank on-site, it’s worth tallying up the costs of tank monitoring and maintenance. Especially for small and medium-sized fleets, commercial fuel management provides significant cost savings. When fueling stations are poorly maintained or used by untrained staff, spills and leaks result in expensive fines.

5. Improve Fleet Efficiency

Your fleet is equipped and trained to perform high-value work across your service area. From a fleet management perspective, idle time spent fueling results in wasted time on the clock. When team members forget to fuel at the end of a shift, it creates delays and interpersonal conflicts. Your management team should be able to focus on growing your business, not serving as arbiter between employees.

The size and service area of your fleet will influence your choice of fueling system. Fuel delivery improves efficiency for busy crews, and it has the added benefit of facilitating the service and payment process. If you need fuel management for your fleet, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling (800) 399-0479 today.