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What’s a Good Summer Thermostat Setting?

Stay Cool without Breaking the Bank

summer thermostat temp new yorkMany of us are having to find new ways to economize. If you’re looking to save some money on your energy bills, it pays to be smart about your thermostat setting. You and your family can still be comfortable in your Sullivan County home without breaking the bank on your energy bills.

Your AC will work hard for you this summer. But you can make some smart choices so that it doesn’t have to work harder than necessary. The best way to make sure your AC is working as efficiently as possible is to see that it gets regular professional maintenance.

Black Bear’s certified technicians have years of experience providing AC maintenance for a wide selection of brands. As part of the maintenance visit, our technicians will diagnose and address any problems they encounter so that your AC is in top working order. Because the more efficiently your AC operates, the less you’ll spend to keep it running.

Setting your home temperature in the summer

When there will be someone in the home, set the thermostat to 78 degrees. However, raise the thermostat to 85 degrees for the times your home will be empty. According to the US Department of Energy, just a 7 to 8-degree increase in your thermostat setting for roughly 8 hours each day could reduce your energy costs by as much as 10 percent. When you consider how much your energy bills typically increase during the summer months, that’s significant savings!

If your AC or thermostat isn’t operating properly, call Black Bear for service. Or, if it’s time to upgrade to a new and more efficient AC system, Black Bear can handle that too. And all our AC installations include programmable thermostats to give you maximum comfort and control. With a programmable thermostat, you don’t have to remember to adjust the settings depending on the time of day. You can set it and forget it. You can also set it to adjust to your travel plans.

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