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Summer Is Coming—Is Your Oil Tank Full?

By now, we’re sure you’ve packed away all of your winter gear and organized all of your shorts, swimsuits and sandals. But here’s one thing you have probably not taken care of yet. Making sure you head into summer with a tank that’s filled with oil.

We know that one of the last things you probably have on your mind right now is your oil tank. But here’s why you should be thinking about it, especially if you’re not on our automatic delivery program.

One of the biggest enemies of your oil tank is empty space inside of it

Condensation is not friendly to your oil tank. The more empty space there is in your oil tank, the more space there is for water condensation to form. Condensation becomes more common in spring and summer months, because the fluctuations in outdoor air temperatures here in the Hudson Valley can accelerate condensation buildup in your tank. If your oil tank is outdoors and isn’t shaded, or is in an interior area with poor air circulation, it is especially vulnerable to condensation.

Simply put, water and oil don’t mix. Since water is denser than heating oil, it forms on the bare walls of the empty part of the tank, drips down and then sinks to the bottom of your tank. It creates a perfect environment for bacteria and other microorganisms, which eventually become sediment that can wreak havoc on your oil tank. Here is some of the damage sediment can do:

  • clogged fuel lines
  • clogged burner nozzle
  • inefficient operation of the oil tank
  • heating system failure
  • rust from the inside out
  • corrosion causing weak spots in the tank, which can lead to oil leaks

In a nutshell, condensation can cause some seriously expensive problems—especially when you consider that the average cost of replacing a home heating oil tank is $1,882.*
Scheduling a home heating oil delivery from Black Bear now can help you avoid these problems.

Other full tank benefits

Knowing you’re protecting your investment in a home heating oil storage tank should give you peace of mind. But there are other benefits to filling your oil tank in the spring.

  • A full tank now guarantees you’ll have fuel for your heating system on hand when you need it. Cold weather can come fast, and early, here in the Hudson Valley region. Don’t be caught without enough oil to get you through the first surprise cold snap.
  • You’ll have more flexibility for scheduling a home heating oil delivery at your convenience now, rather than waiting until fall to order fuel when everyone else is. Worst-case scenario is waiting until the last minute and having to schedule an inconvenient – and more expensive – emergency fuel delivery.

Of course, you can eliminate these worries by requesting our free automatic delivery service. We make sure our automatic delivery customers have a proper level of fuel inside their tank during the off-season. There’s no need to call us for a fill-up, we’ll take care of that for you.

If you’re not on automatic delivery program, call 845-513-3544 to request a fill-up or email us so we can help you head off any condensation problems with your fuel tank this summer.

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