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Simplify Your Heating Oil Bills

Enroll in EZ Pay from Black Bear

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We are living in volatile times. The cost of everything from the gasoline for your car to the eggs you feed your family has increased dramatically. This has also been a season of tremendous anxiety around heating costs. At Black Bear, we care about the financial difficulties our customers are facing. We know only too well the hardships price increases bring with them. When fuel costs go up, we suffer as well, because it decreases our profits.

Make Your Heating Oil Payments Manageable & Predictable

We can’t control the heating oil market, but we do offer our customers a way to make their heating oil payments manageable and predictable. When you enroll in EZ Pay from Black Bear, your yearly heating costs will be split into 12 manageable and predictable payments. That means you won’t get hit with three or four giant bills during your high usage months. Instead, you’ll know exactly how to budget for each month because your bill will be the same each month.

EZ Pay Has Its Benefits

By enrolling in EZ Pay from Black Bear, you’ll avoid winter fuel bill sticker shock. Even if Sullivan County gets hit with record-breaking winter weather and you need multiple deliveries in a month, you’ll still get the same low monthly bill.

Here are a few key points about EZ Pay:

  1. You won’t use more fuel than you normally would.
  2. You’ll only be charged for the fuel you receive.
  3. EZ Pay also includes a price cap*. That means the price you pay for fuel won’t increase beyond a set point no matter what happens in the oil markets. However, if the price goes down, you’ll pay the lower price. *(Our suppliers charge us for this service, which we pass on to you. We make no profit on the fee.) Given the recent volatility in the heating oil market, that should give you peace of mind.
  4. By enrolling in EZ Pay, you’ll be making your bills more predictable and manageable at a time when fuel prices are fluctuating like crazy.
  5. Because your heating oil costs won’t increase during the winter months, you’ll have more cash on hand during the winter months.

Calculating Your Monthly Payments

To estimate your monthly payments, we simply split your estimated total heating costs into 12 easy monthly installments. We base your yearly estimate on your past usage. Then you just make one low payment each month. It couldn’t be easier!

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