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Sign Up For A Black Bear EZ Pay Budget Plan And Get More Predictable Heating Bills

Image of a woman in a sweater and gloves, crouching in front of her broken furnace, which can be fixed by Black Bear Fuel Oil in Harris, NY

Heating bill sticker shock can be an unpleasant surprise around the end-of-year holidays – especially if we get a good old fashioned Sullivan County cold snap that lingers for weeks (or even months).

But there’s a way to avoid those unexpected spikes in your heating expenses and make your monthly bill much more predictable and manageable in the coming year: sign up for Black Bear’s EZ Pay Budget Plan.

With EZ Pay, we’ll estimate your annual fuel costs based on your historical average usage and current fuel prices. We’ll then divide that number equally over 12 payments starting in July, adjusting during the year if needed.

EZ Pay also includes a price cap*, which means your fuel price won’t go above a certain price no matter what happens in the oil markets. If the price dips below the cap, you’ll pay the lower price.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing EXACTLY what your heating bill will be every month! That’s exactly what you get with EZ Pay.

Plan ahead this year and make your bill paying much more predictable. Contact us today to get started on your Black Bear EZ Pay Budget Program.

*Price Cap includes a minimal fee, which suppliers charge us as insurance for providing this service. Contact us to learn more.