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Propane delivery and appliance service in Sullivan, Northern Orange and Eastern Ulster counties

Image of a propane delivery truck operated by Rez-Bear Energy in Harris, NY

Rez-Bear Propane is your go-to propane company, offering both residential and commercial propane delivery.

If you live in a remote area, propane is an ideal choice because it is easily transported. Rez-Bear can fill your tank when you need it. Propane can be used around your home for heating, cooking, pool heaters and emergency generators.

Propane is also becoming a popular option in local commercial ventures. It can fuel everything from commercial machinery to light- and medium-duty trucks.

Propane tank monitors and gas appliance service in NY

In addition to providing propane deliveries, you can also contact us for propane tank installation and tank monitoring systems. Here are the benefits of a propane tank monitor:

  • keeps track of your propane levels, so you don’t have to
  • monitors changes in your propane consumption, requiring deliveries only as needed
  • eliminates the expense of charges for out-of-gas deliveries
  • quick install and virtually maintenance-free

Our team of certified propane technicians has many years of experience with the products we service. We install and service a range of propane appliances to complement your lifestyle, including on-demand propane water heaters.

Advantages of propane

Why will you love propane? Let us count the ways:


  1. Propane is efficient. Propane-powered appliances use much less energy than their electric-powered counterparts.
  2. It’s green. Looking to shrink your carbon footprint? Propane burns more cleanly and produces virtually no greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. It makes cooking better. Cooks love propane because of the precise control, the faster heating and the great searing. Propane gives you that option no matter where you live. Propane for grilling and cooking makes getting dinner on the table faster and easier.
  4. It’s powerful. Propane burns very hot, which means it can power just about any appliance using less Btu capacity than other types of fuel.
  5. Propane saves money. Compared with electric models, propane water heaters use less energy to heat your water and to maintain the set temperature. That means lower energy bills. You may even be able to get a smaller tank or a tankless water heater for still more savings. You can also stay warm in the winter and pay less with propane heaters, which use about half the Btu’s of electric heating systems.
  6. It’s reliable. Because propane does not depend on any grid or utility lines, you’ll be able to heat your home, power your business and run many of your appliances even when the electric grids are down. If the electric power goes out, you can rely on your propane backup generator to keep you comfortable.
  7. Propane is safe. The propane industry is highly regulated. Because of that, and because of the built-in safeguards that come with propane-powered appliances, propane has a remarkably strong record when it comes to safety.
  8. It’s all-American. All of the propane Rez-Bear supplies is produced right here in the United States. And virtually all of the propane used domestically is produced in this country. That reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Make Rez-Bear your propane company

Rez-Bear offers not only propane and prompt delivery. We also offer customers convenient services such as monthly payment plans and automatic deliveries.

Propane consumer safety tips and dealing with appliances

Though propane is one of the safest fuels money can buy, it is always good to be aware of potential safety issues.

Danger can result from propane leaks, faulty equipment, negligent or careless use, accidental ignition and even static electricity. Keeping your propane equipment well maintained is critical to your safety—and so is knowing how to handle it properly.

To raise your awareness, please click the modules below to review important information about propane safety.

Propane Safety + Operation Tips

Want more propane safety tips? The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has created the informative videos below to tell you all about propane safety!

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