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Prevent Running Out of Heating Oil: Here Are 3 Ways

heating oil runout sullivan county

Keeping track of how much heating oil you’re using every day isn’t always easy, especially with all we’ve got going on in our lives these days. It’s especially difficult during the coldest months, when we could be using as much as eight gallons of heating oil or more per day to keep our Sullivan County homes warm.

That’s why it’s not surprising when even the most responsible homeowner occasionally ends up on the wrong end of a no-heat emergency – usually during an unexpected (and unplanned for) cold snap.

Whatever the cause, running out of heating oil is not a fun experience, and it could end up being worse than that: In an oil-fired heating system, a fuel run-out could lead to complications as dredged-up sludge from the bottom of your heating oil tank clogs filters and narrows passages throughout your heating system. Even if you manage to avoid that problem, you’ll still pay a premium for an emergency heating oil delivery.

The bottom line here is that preventing a heating oil runout is an excellent idea. But how do you do it?

Three suggestions to avoid heating oil runout

  1. Be proactive with your heating oil delivery requests – Avoid the temptation to wait until the temperature really drops to order your heating oil…it may be too late. Waiting until the last minute for a heating oil delivery – especially in cold weather – is a recipe for a no-heat emergency. Be proactive: order your fuel when your tank is no less than one-quarter full (ideally a little before then).
  2. Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery – With automatic delivery, you’ll leave managing your heating oil to us.  Our automated system will estimate (with high accuracy) when you need a refill based on your past usage and the current weather. When your tank is nearing one-quarter full, you’ll be contacted directly to schedule a heating oil delivery.
  3. Keep your heating equipment properly maintained – Regular, professional heating maintenance will help keep your furnace or boiler running at peak efficiency, which means your equipment will sip rather than gulp down fuel. Professional service will also help spot leaks, performance drop-offs, and other problems before that could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Stay on top of fuel management this fall with FREE automatic heating oil delivery in Sullivan County from Black Bear, plus preventive heating maintenance from our expert heating system technicians! Contact us today to learn more.