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Plumbing Jobs: What to Do on Your Own & What to Leave to the Pros

Whether owning a home or commercial building, living as a tenant in a rental unit, or running a business on someone else’s property, there comes a time when the plumbing requires attention. But which plumbing jobs can an untrained person handle independently, and which jobs need to be done by plumbing professionals? The following insights address these questions.

Types of Jobs to Handle Yourself

A man completing plumbing services of Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and AC in Harris, NY

With a little knowledge of how systems work, almost anyone confident enough to do the work can handle these simpler plumbing jobs.

  • Replace a broken sink stopper: A lever below the sink controls the stopper, with a rod connecting the drain to the handle. Pushing down on the rod near the handle raises the stopper and drains the stopped-up sink. Replace the broken stopper with an inexpensive part.
  • Stop a toilet from overflowing: A water cutoff valve is located behind the toilet close to the floor. Twisting it to the right keeps water from going higher. Drain the water by opening the tank and lifting the floating ball.
  • Unclog the tub: After pulling out the drain stopper, feed a drain snake into the drain. Twist the pipe in, then slowly bring it out to unclog the accumulated hair, oils, and soaps. Repeat a couple of times, then run hot water down the drain.

Jobs for the Pros

While the previous tasks are fairly simple to handle, the following are not. These are the types of jobs that should be handled by professional plumbers.

  • Repairing and sealing frozen pipes (a common occurrence during NY winters)
  • Unclogging a backed-up toilet
  • Working on any plumbing jobs that involve electricity
  • Fixing water pumps and water heaters
  • Working with sewage lines
  • Stopping a leak

Water can do a tremendous amount of damage to walls, floors, carpets, and other parts of the house. For this reason alone, it’s best to let experienced plumbers handle plumbing-related jobs that seem precarious. Whether the problem has been ongoing or is brand new, contact Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating, and AC. We can fully assess the situation and perform the necessary repairs correctly and safely.