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How Does Outside Temperature Affect My A/C?

We may have passed the halfway point of cooling season 2019 here in Sullivan County, Northern Orange County and Eastern Ulster, but we still have a few weeks of potentially intense heat yet to contend with. Hopefully, your air conditioner has held up its end of the bargain so far this year – we have certainly needed it!

Air conditioners are designed to withstand heavy work in high temperatures for many years (if properly cared for). But the end of summer poses particular challenges for a cooling system as it tries valiantly to reach summer’s finish line. As a result of that ongoing effort, late summer is a prime time for A/C breakdowns – particularly if you have an aging system.

Extreme Heat and Your Air Conditioner

High heat can strain your cooling system in several ways that can result in a temporary or longer-lasting breakdown. For example, overburdened power substations can fail, leaving you without air conditioning for several hours of more. High heat also shortens the lifespan of capacitors in your cooling system – electronic components that control motors that are critical to its operation. Those motors can also burn out from overuse –another common heat-related problem.

Routine A/C Maintenance: The Key To Coping With Intense Outdoor Heat

Of course the best way to handle problems like the ones we talk about above is to prevent them from happening in the first place – and the best way to do that is to invest in professional HVAC maintenance.

An air conditioning system that is regularly maintained by expert technicians will almost always last longer than one that isn’t, and it will perform better – and more reliably –along the way.

Did you know that about four out of five air conditioner repairs are avoidable with proper preventive care? If you haven’t had your cooling system maintenance yet this summer, it’s not too late! Contact us today.