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Does a Mini-Spilt Make Sense for My Home?

An Intro to Mini-Split AC Systems

ductless ac new yorkWhen summer really heats things up in Sullivan County, you want to know that your cooling system can handle it. Especially if you have an older system, now is an ideal time to decide if it makes more sense to repair or replace it. As you make your decision, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some of the cooling system options that are available to you. Chances are that a mini-split system would work well in your home. So let’s take a look at mini-split cooling systems and who they’re ideal for.

Ductless Cooling Advantages

There are a number of reasons a mini-split cooling system might be right for your Sullivan County home. Lots of homeowners love that mini-splits don’t require ductwork. That makes them adaptable to just about any house. Here are some other advantages:

  1. They’re quick and inexpensive to install.
  2. They can go almost anywhere. All you need is a wall. That also means you don’t need to lose the view from any of your windows.
  3. They’re great for allergy suffers or anyone with respiratory problems. Allergens and microorganisms can thrive in the ductwork of a central AC system.
  4. They’re more efficient than window air conditioners and central air conditioning systems. If you have leaky ducts, you can lose up to 30% of the cool air generated by your central AC. You’ll have no such problem with a mini-split system.
  5. They produce less noise than a window air conditioner.

Is a Mini-Split Right for You?

A mini-split cooling system is a good idea for your Sullivan County home if…

  • Your home doesn’t have ducts.
  • You have an old, ugly, or noisy window unit you’d like to replace. You’ll also get more natural light and a better view of the outside without a window unit.
  • You have rooms that are challenging to keep cool. You might choose to supplement your existing cooling system with a mini-split.

Call Black Bear for All Your Cooling Needs

Whatever your cooling needs, Black Bear has you covered. You can count on us to deliver fair prices on air conditioning equipment and related services. We install both central AC systems and mini-split cooling systems. We also offer preventative maintenance for a wide selection of brands.

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If your AC needs to be repaired or replaced, call the Bear, and we’ll be there!