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Early Summer Is A Good Time For HVAC Maintenance

hvac service new yorkThe real summer heat hasn’t arrived in Sullivan County yet, but it’s coming – if you haven’t scheduled routine service for your air conditioning system, now is the time to do it.

But why stop at servicing your home cooling system?

Early summer is a great time to take care of your furnace or boiler, too – especially considering the extended heating season we’ve had. With temperatures in the high 40s well into June, your heating system has been laboring for more than nine months straight and can use a little TLC from a heating expert.

You certainly could put off heating service until the fall, but then you’d be on a list with everyone else doing the same thing. Schedule it now, along with your A/C maintenance, and you can get the work out of the way so you can hit the ground running in fall 2021.

Why Choose A Service Agreement From Black Bear?

An annual tune-up – included in our Little Paw and Big Paw Service Agreement Plans – will help you to:

  • Avoid many repairs – About four out of five HVAC repairs are avoidable with simple routine care.
  • Lower energy bills – Well-maintained HVAC equipment is more efficient, so it delivers more heating and cooling bang for your buck.
  • Keep your equipment covered – Much like a car, the warranties on most HVAC equipment require annual service to keep their coverage in force. If you don’t get regular maintenance, you might have to shell out money for repairs – even if your equipment is still under warranty!
  • Enjoy peace of mind – Routine maintenance for your HVAC equipment will not only keep it running better, it will also extend its life and help it run more reliably under strain during peak seasons.

Let Black Bear take the hassle out of maintaining your HVAC equipment with our Little Paw and Big Paw Agreement Plans. Contact us today to learn more about heating and cooling service in Sullivan County, NY.