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Pets And Your HVAC Unit: What You Need To Know

pets and hvac new yorkPets are part of the family – but they can also create special challenges when it comes to keeping your home heating and cooling equipment running the way it should.

Here are three potential problems posed by your pet – and what you can do about them.

  1. Fur build-up – Pet fur can quickly block HVAC air filters, causing your cooling and heating system to overwork – which means you’ll pay more to heat and cool your home and put your equipment at a greater risk of breakdown.
    To counter this problem:
    • Vacuum regularly using a HEPA-filter vacuum, and mop tile and hardwood floors weekly.
    • Check your HVAC air filter every few weeks, cleaning or replacing it (depending on the model) when needed.
    • Get professional maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment every year.
    • If you have had your pet for five years or more, consider getting a professional duct cleaning, especially if they are prone to shedding.
  2. Dander build-up – Dander is dry, dead skin from your pet. A forced air system (one with vents rather than baseboards or radiators) will spread dander and other allergens throughout your home, degrading the quality of your indoor air.
    To counter this problem:
    • Bathe and brush your pet regularly.
    • Consider installing a whole house air purifier to keep the air clean and clear.
  3. Pet door drafts – Many owners install a special door for their pets. Like any other external opening, a pet door can leak air in or out of your home.
    To counter this problem:
    • Make sure your pet door (and all your exterior doors and windows) is properly installed to ensure a tight seal when your pet comes and goes.
    • Use weather sealing to prevent drafts around the pet door.
  4. Territory marking – Male pets mark their territory, and sometime that territory is your outdoor condenser unit. The problem is that pet urine can degrade the coils on your outdoor condenser unit and eventually cause a refrigerant leak.
    To counter this problem:
    • Consider installing a fence around your outdoor condenser unit (just make sure the fence does not inhibit air flow to your condenser!).

Keep your pets happy and your family breathing easier with regular HVAC maintenance in Sullivan County, NY from the pros at Black Bear. Contact us today to learn more!