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How Safe Is Heating Oil?

Is It a Good Choice for Your Home?

heating oil new yorkIs Oil Heat the right choice for your Sullivan County home? In a word, yes. Oil heat is a safe and affordable way to heat your home. You can feel good about being a heating oil customer, and you can feel even better as a customer of Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer our customers a competitive heating oil price, reliable delivery, and convenient payment options. So make us your go-to source for home heating oil.

The Benefits of Heating Oil

There are a number of benefits to using home heating oil in your New York home, and safety is one of them. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits heating oil offers:

  • It’s safe. Oil cannot explode. It only becomes combustible once it’s been vaporized by an oil burner at temperatures above 140° Fahrenheit. Additionally, if there is a malfunction, safety devices within your unit are designed to shut your furnace or boiler off before carbon monoxide poisoning becomes a risk.
  • It’s clean. Heating oil has gotten progressively cleaner and more efficient for New York homeowners over the past few decades. And it keeps getting better. Much of the heating oil being used today has an ultra-low sulfur content. That’s the premium clean-burning heating oil that Black Bear delivers.
  • It’s efficient. New oil heat systems are incredibly efficient, clocking in with efficiency ratings as high as 95%. This means you get more warmth using less fuel. That can add up to an annual savings of 30% on average.
  • It’s more efficient. Heating oil burns up to 20% more efficiently than gas, and it’s 30% more efficient than electricity.
  • It’s good for your system. Because of the premium heating oil Black Bear delivers, your heating system will run more cleanly and that can help extend the life of your home heating system.

With so many benefits to heating oil, you can feel good about using it in your home. And when Black Bear is your heating oil provider, you’ll get prompt, safe, and effective heating oil deliveries.

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