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EZ Pay Budget Program – Call Today For Information

The Black Bear Fuel Family wants to thank you for your interest in our company.

Though it may seem hard to believe, the next heating season is just around the corner. As we all know the cost of fuel has been on a roller coaster the past couple of years and there is no telling where it is headed. We are offering every customer the EZ Pay Budget Program, to be paid in 12 equal monthly installments.

Our customers enjoyed savings below their protected price due to the downside protection. SAVING them money!Our EZ pay budget program price is availble for the 2017-2018 heating season.

If our daily delivery price is higher, you will never pay more than your EZ Pay budget price for your purchased gallons. In turn if our daily delivery price falls below the EZ Pay budget price, you will benefit also, by paying the lower price. The lower pricing available is part of the downside insurance protection. An initial fee of $99.00 due upon contract signing and a monthly fee of $17.99 will be included in your payments, for the downside insurance protection cost.

So Relax This Winter and Join Our EZ PAY BUDGET PROGRAM! Call Our Office Today (845) 791-8900
EZ Pay Budget Program