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It’s Easy to Save on Heating and Fuel Costs With EZ Pay

Heating and fuel costs can sometimes be unpredictable, especially for people who live in areas where the weather is unpredictable or there are extreme seasonal changes. As our customers know, the weather in our service area experiences a little bit of both of these things! Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and AC offers an EZ Pay plan that helps customers avoid sticker shock by paying their heating costs in pre-determined monthly installments.

How EZ Pay Works

A stack of money representing the pricing for Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and AC in Harris, NY

Sometimes the area experiences a particularly warm February and then a brutally cold March, making it impossible for residents to predict how much they will owe in heating and fuel costs for each month. With EZ Pay, we estimate the total amount of fuel consumption a household will use during a 12-month block of time based on consumption in previous years. That amount is then divided by 12, and this will be the amount the customer will owe per month. This way, each customer can more realistically budget for heating and cooling costs throughout the year instead of waiting until the bill is due and hoping for the best.

Benefits of EZ Pay

Avoiding sticker shock isn’t the only reason residents should sign up for EZ Pay from Black Bear—the plan simply makes the most sense. The EZ Pay plan means no customer will ever run out of heating oil, and they can say goodbye to large oil bills because they’ll still pay the same amount each month regardless of consumption. Plus, automatic delivery can be set up, and no delivery charges will be applied, even for multiple deliveries in the same month.

Perhaps best of all is that there’s a price cap, which protects customers when the cost of oil goes up. But if the price of oil goes down, we charge customers the lower price for oil, so some months customers even see lower than expected heating and fuel bills! On average, our customers have saved more than 70 cents per gallon on their heating and fuel costs this year—and you can too.

Contact Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and AC at (800) 399-0479 to learn more about saving with the EZ Pay plan or to enroll today!