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Did You Know We Offer Propane Too?


Take advantage of the fantastic cooking gas program available at Rez-Bear Propane. As hometown boys, we are happy to offer all our friends and neighbors in the area the best deal possible on propane, so you can continue to cook fantastic meals at home at an affordable price.

Our cooking gas program is $14.99 per month, which equates to less than 50 cents per day! You can also SAVE $10 on your first year of cooking gas by paying up front! If you have any questions or would like to get started with the unbeatable Rez-Bear cooking gas program, please get in touch with us.


•New tank and safety inspection upon installation

•No hidden charges or fees (such as regulatory compliance fees, fuel surcharges, etc.)

•24 gallons of fuel per year ($4.99 per gallon additional)

•Requires a 3-year agreement

A flyer for the Cooking Gas Program through Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and AC in Harris, NY