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The Benefits of Whole House Generators

Power & Peace of Mind

generator installation new york Black Bear is a community business. We’re locally owned and operated. Our customers are our neighbors. Your comfort and safety matter to us. We’re here to help you keep your family safe and comfortable.

Unfortunately, severe weather is becoming increasingly common in Sullivan County and across America. And severe weather often brings with it power outages.

Losing power can be more than an inconvenience. It can be costly and dangerous. When you lose power, you also lose the ability to preserve your food and protect your family with your home security system. If anyone in your household depends on an electrical medical device, they can’t afford to experience an interruption in power. Why not give yourself peace of mind by equipping your home with a generator?

Black Bear provides generator installation in New York’s Sullivan County. We install Generac whole-house backup propane generators that can keep all the appliances and equipment in your home up and running during a power outage. Even if your neighborhood goes dark for days, you’ll have all the comforts of home at home.

What Is a Whole-House Generator?

A whole-house propane generator delivers virtually automatic auxiliary power whenever the electricity goes out. Once your generator detects a power outage, it should activate in about 30 seconds. So you and your family never miss a beat.

A whole-house generator (also called a standby generator) can power everything in your home—that includes all your appliances and electronics as well as your comfort systems. Your fridge, security system, HVAC system, and television will all continue to get power. You’ll still have hot water and light. That makes a whole-house generator the best way to ensure that a power outage won’t disrupt your home life.

Black Bear offers Generac propane gas generators in a variety of capacities, so we can help you choose the right one for your household’s needs. Your generator can be supplied by either an above-ground or underground storage tank.

Advantages of a Whole-House (or Standby) Generator

Whole-house (or standby) generators provide several advantages:

  1. Automatic Power: Whole-house generators start up within seconds of a power outage. That means that even if the power goes out while you’re asleep or away from home, your fridge will continue to run, your home security system will stay armed, and your heating system won’t turn off. That’s especially important during the upcoming colder months, as it will prevent your pipes from freezing or bursting—which can lead to costly damage.
  2. Unlimited Power: You don’t have to choose which appliances or electronics to power. A whole-house generator can keep your whole home up and running—from the water heater to the garage door opener to the sump pump to the fridge, washing machine, and television. You’ll be able to keep your laptop and cell phone charged and stay connected to information and loved ones.
  3. Protection: Having a whole-house generator doesn’t just keep you and your family comfortable, it also keeps you safe. Your security system will continue to keep you protected. And your heating system will continue to operate so you don’t have to worry about being without heat on a dangerously cold day or having to deal with frozen or burst pipes.

Call the Bear, We’ll Be There!

Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has become one of the leading companies for handling the connections for generator installations in northern Orange County, Sullivan County, and eastern Ulster County. We work in tandem with a licensed electrician to connect your generator directly to your propane tank.

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