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Maintain Your Heating System Now, Avoid Breakdown Later

avoid heating system breakdown

As far as we know, Ben Franklin didn’t own a heating oil– or propane-fired heating system when he famously quipped about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure – but he sure knew what he was talking about.

Professional heating maintenance – required annually for most furnaces and boilers (biannually for heat pumps) – might be the most important investment you can make in your home comfort.

Why is an annual heating tune-up so important? Well, for one thing, it will help keep your home more comfortable. Over the years, a home heating (or cooling system) tends to become less effective as its components wear down — just as they do in a car or any other machine that gets used regularly. Expert heating maintenance will keep your system running smoothly and at peak levels of performance, which means your home will heat faster and more consistently.

For another, regular heating system maintenance allows skilled technicians to nip small problems in the bud before they turn into costly heating repairs or even a complete heating system breakdown – usually in the middle of severe winter weather. It also helps them detect potential safety risks, including carbon monoxide and exhaust leaks that could threaten the safety of your family.

Not all heating maintenance is created equal

Any HVAC company in Sullivan County worth its salt will provide some form of heating maintenance, but the level of service can vary considerably. With a comprehensive Black Bear Big Paw or Little Paw Service Plan, our technicians will inspect, test, clean, and adjust your heating equipment using specialized equipment that will allow them to diagnose and fix problems quickly and correctly.

Cost-effective peace of mind

You may wonder if scheduling heating maintenance is needed every year, especially when your heating system is relatively new, or seems to be performing perfectly. But the truth is that regularly heating maintenance will pay for itself many times over – first by maintaining efficiency, second by preventing costly repairs or breakdowns, and third by keeping your warranty in place as long as possible (since routine maintenance is a condition of most equipment warranties).

The bottom line: regularly maintenance – every year – is a must for your heating system.

It’s not too late for heating system maintenance! If you haven’t scheduled yours yet this winter, contact Black Bear today to discuss your options and schedule professional heating maintenance in Sullivan County today!