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How Much Heating Oil Does My Tank Hold?

November 9, 2020

Did you know that your “full” heating oil tank isn’t actually full? That’s because every oil storage tank, no matter what the size or shape, needs at least some room to allow for air, and for …

Heating problems? It could be your ductwork

Heating Problems? It Could Be Your Ductwork

November 2, 2020

Are your utility bills creeping up, even with steady heating oil and propane prices? Are you less comfortable at home, with uneven heating from room to room? Are some areas of your house dustier or …

Common oil furnace problems

4 Common Oil Furnace Problems

October 20, 2020

Sometimes the strain of a long heating season can take a toll on your furnace, or some other part of your forced air heating system, leading to problems that could require an expert’s touch to …

Automatic vs. will call heating oil delivery

Automatic Vs. Will Call Heating Oil Delivery

October 12, 2020

When it comes to getting reliable heating oil delivery in Sullivan County, NY, there’s really only one choice: Black Bear. But when it comes to choosing how to have oil delivered to your home, you …

Heating oil: the ol’ reliable fuel

Heating Oil: The Ol’ Reliable Fuel

October 5, 2020

There’s a big push to replace oil-fired heating systems with electric ones these days, but is it a smart way to go for Sullivan County homeowners? The truth is, when it comes to keeping you warm …

Are heating system service agreements worth it?

Are Heating System Service Agreements Worth It?

September 28, 2020

A new furnace or boiler is a significant investment for your Sullivan County home – one that should keep your family warm and comfortable for many years to come. But that “should” depends a lot on keeping …

Can I wait until next year to replace my furnace?

Replace My Furnace: Can I Wait Until Next Year?

September 21, 2020

Temperatures are dropping…there’s even a little nip in the night air here in Sullivan County. Before long, you’ll be relying on your furnace 24/7 - but will it be ready for that challenge for 6 …

Fall is coming: Time to prep your heating system

Prepare Your Heating System. Fall Is Coming!

September 14, 2020

Now that Labor Day 2020 is in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to schedule your annual heating system tune-up. Sure, it’s still on the warm side here in Sullivan County – but the problem is if you …

Efficiency tips for the remaining warm days of 2020

Efficiency Tips For The Remaining Warm Days Of 2020

September 7, 2020

It’s been a historically hot year here in the Northeast – and if experts are right, warmer-than-normal weather is likely to continue for a while. With all that heat – combined with everyone home more than …

Service your heating system now, avoid breakdowns later

Service Your Heating System Now, Avoid Breakdowns Later

August 26, 2020

Don’t look now, but Labor Day is upon us – which means that soon you’ll be turning your HVAC system from cool to heat mode in your Sullivan County home. Is your heating equipment ready for the …

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