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10 Interesting Facts about Propane Gas

January 13, 2017

Propane is one of the most eco-friendly and efficient fuels around – and one of the most versatile. In fact, you can power just about anything with propane, and probably save money in the process! Here …

Cold Weather Energy Conservation Tips

December 9, 2016

Cold winter nights are just around the corner in the Hudson Valley. For many people, that means higher energy bills – especially if you have an older furnace or boiler (if your heating system is more …

How to Select an HVAC Contractor – 4 Questions You Need to Ask

November 17, 2016

There will probably come a time when you’ll need to find an expert contractor to service, repair or tune-up your heating or cooling equipment (or your plumbing systems, for that matter). The question is how …

Three Ways to Cut Stress This Heating Season

October 19, 2016

Fall is in full swing in the Catskills, and with it comes the need to heat your home. But using your heating oil system doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Here are three ways to …

Fall Is Coming – Time for Your Annual Heating System Maintenance

September 26, 2016

Labor Day is behind us, which means it’s time for your annual heating system tune-up. Sure, it’s still on the warm side here in the Hudson Valley – but the problem is if you wait for …

AFUE and Real-World Boiler Efficiency: Save up to 40% on You Energy Bills

August 29, 2016

You’ve probably seen the yellow stickers on your boiler, but may not understand what the numbers on those stickers mean. The sticker numbers denote your boiler’s AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. Think of AFUE …

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Ductless A/C System

July 29, 2016

Mini-Split air conditioners (also called ductless systems) are a great way to cool your home – they’re efficient, flexible, unobtrusive, and they keep your indoor air healthy (since there are no ducts, you avoid micro-organism …

5 Common A/C Problems

June 30, 2016

Summer’s almost here – which means it’s just about time to crank up the A/C to do battle with the elements in what is expected to be a scorcher of a season. The question is, will …

Ready for an A/C Upgrade? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

May 10, 2016

Memorial Day is just around the corner – which means muggy Catskill Region nights are not far behind. The question is will your older home cooling system be up to the task? (Hint: if there was …

6 Plumbing Don’ts – and 4 Plumbing Dos – for Your Home

April 5, 2016

If you’re like most people, you take your home plumbing system for granted – until it backs up and you need plumbing repairs. To help prevent these painful experiences – and the hundreds of dollars in …

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