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Can Soaring Temps Make Your Air Conditioner Fail?

How to Keep It Cool This Summer

central air service new yorkIn terms of temperature, this has already been a record-breaking summer across the country. Here in Sullivan County, we’ve also had some scorchers. Hopefully, you’ve already had a maintenance visit from Black Bear for your AC system and you know your air conditioner is primed and ready to work efficiently for you all summer long. But there are still some things you should know about how high summer temps can affect your air conditioner and what you can do to offset the burden on your cooling system when the weather really heats up.

High Temps & ACs

The hotter it gets, the harder your AC has to work to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. Last month already brought some really hot days. And this month is likely to be just as hot if not hotter. Those high temps can put a strain on your cooling system.

Here are some of the ways soaring temps affect your AC:

  1. Overburdened power substations can cause your air conditioner to fail for hours upon hours (possibly even days).
  2. High heat can negatively affect the longevity of your AC’s capacitors. These are electronic components that control motors in your cooling system that are key to its operation.
  3. If the high temps persist, your AC’s motors may burn out from overuse.

Help Your AC

There are a number of ways you can help your AC to work as efficiently as possible while reducing its workload.

  1. Close blinds and curtains to the sun during the day. This will stop the sunlight from heating up your home and forcing your AC to work harder to keep things cool.
  2. Check and change your air conditioner’s filter regularly (more frequently if you have pets) to help it run more efficiently.
  3. Use a programmable or smart thermostat. When you are home and awake, set the thermostat on the air conditioning to 78°F. When your home will be empty, set the thermostat to 85°F.
  4. Make sure your home is well insulated.

Keep Cool with Black Bear

If you haven’t yet, contact Black Bear to schedule a maintenance visit. That’s another way to make sure it’s in good shape and running as efficiently as possible. Our technicians can perform preventative maintenance and correct any potential problems. As part of your maintenance visit, we’ll also check the refrigerant levels to ensure there are no leaks, clean and tighten ducts and connectors, and oil up the motor within the AC unit.

Customers count on Black Bear Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for affordability, quality service, and efficiency. Black Bear serves customers in Sullivan County and parts of Ulster and Orange Counties.

Keep it cool this summer. If you’re overdue for a maintenance visit, call the Bear, and we’ll be there!