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Heating Oil in Harris, NY

Enjoy a warmer house with 24-hour emergency heating, oil delivery service, and discounted heating oil prices from Black Bear Fuel Oil.

Benefits of Oil Heat

During a cold winter, keeping your home warm is essential. Oil heat is not only a reliable source of heat—it’s also efficient. In fact, fuel oil burns up to 20 percent more efficiently than gas and 30 percent more efficiently than electricity, resulting in substantial savings on your heating bill.

Black Bear Fuel Oil offers premium clean-burning fuel oil from specially chosen distributors. Using top-quality oil extends the service life of your equipment. For customers who use kerosene, including those with exterior fuel tanks, we offer a clean-burning variety as well as a winter anti-gel kerosene additive that can be combined with fuel oil to lower costs.

Heating Oil Delivery Services

With Black Bear Fuel Oil’s convenient automatic delivery service, you’ll experience worry-free comfort all winter long. Our scientific Degree Day system accurately calculates your home’s usage of oil or kerosene and delivers supplies on an as-needed basis. This means that you’ll always have oil when you need it, eliminating the stress of watching your gauge and preventing costly issues that can occur when you run out, such as boiler problems, frozen pipes, restart costs, and delivery fees.

Our delivery service is ideal for residential as well as commercial use. If you own a business, we offer On/Off-Road Diesel delivery and Fleet Fueling options to keep your trucks up and running.

With our budget program, the cost of oil delivery is spread throughout the year for affordable, predictable monthly payments.

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