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On/Off-Road Diesel

On/Off-Road Diesel That Keeps Hudson Valleys Businesses Running

Keep your Sullivan County-area business up and running with on/off-road diesel service from Black Bear

If your business needs fuel to run vehicles and equipment, count on Black Bear’s On/Off-Road diesel services to save you time and money.

Black Bear delivers the quality fuel you need, when and where you need it within our service area. From ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel for tanks, vehicles and equipment, to off-road diesel for construction and farm equipment, generators and more, we’ve got you covered.

Just like our heating oil and kerosene, our high-quality diesel fuel is priced fairly, and we customize each delivery program to fit your needs so you can refuel your equipment efficiently and at your convenience.

Contact us today to experience the personal and professional touch of Black Bear for your business – and ask us about our other commercial services, too!